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Anna Maznaya
Anna Maznaya
Anna Maznaya is a fitness coach, nutritionist, and product owner of the Proper Eating.
I am convinced that maintaining a beautiful and healthy shape is easy. The right nutrition is 80% of success, while sleep, recovery, and vigorous training will keep you fit and boost your well-being! My application will only help you achieve these goals faster and more efficiently.
After obtaining a Bachelor’s in Physical Education, Anna committed her life to her biggest passion. As of today, she boasts more than 1,000 satisfied clients in group fitness classes, 1,000 held consultations and dozens of lectures, as well as successfully completed certified courses. In addition, Anna builds nutrition programs for families and also guides and consults people anywhere in the world. Anna is a well-rounded specialist who constantly advances in the field of sports nutrition, vegetarianism, nutrition for pregnant women, baby food, anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, as well as catering a diet for certain pathologies. As for her hobbies, she is passionate about dragon boat racing and kitesurfing.
«Creating the app is an important step in my career. It will be of good use not only for sportsmen but also for people who want to improve their health through proper nutrition.»

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