Product History


The story of the “Proper Eating” application began in 2021. Anna Mazna (a professional fitness trainer and nutritionist coach with more than 1,000 satisfied clients) met Olga Tymchuk (the wife of Sergii Tymchuk, the CEO of a large software development company, Computools).


Olga turned to Anna to improve her physical fitness and build healthy habits. While studying the principles of healthy nutrition, Olga tried to find a convenient application that would allow her to easily plan meals and calculate the number of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates she was intaking daily, weekly, and monthly. However, after a lot of time spent searching and testing different apps, none of them had the functionality she was looking for in a comfortable tool.


Sergii found out about this at a family dinner and introduced the idea to Anna about developing her own application that would reflect her philosophy on healthy eating. After a few meetings, everyone agreed, Sergii formed a dedicated market research and software development team, and Proper Eating was born.


When coaching her clients and emphasizing the importance of comprehensive training and nutrition, Anna saw doubts and fear in their eyes. For many, the idea of proper nutrition and diet is “expensive,” “difficult,” and “time-consuming.” Weighing plates and calculating calories turn a simple daily breakfast into a discouraging challenge, and dinner out with friends becomes a comprehensive game of 20 questions to the waiter, trying to figure out which salad has the appropriate combination of calories and ingredients.


As a consultant, she explains that food is only a source of energy, emphasizing the importance of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates and how to calculate portion sizes using nothing but hands. However, without examples and daily control, it’s hard for her clients to remember so much information; the number one reason why people starting diets and working on themselves begin looking for diet-orientated apps.


With the idea of the app in mind, Computools experts studied the nutrition app market and set the concept of the solution based on Anna’s knowledge which met users’ needs and offered a competitive advantage.


Having studied the target audience, Computools developed a list of the important functionality of Proper Eating and drew up user story scenarios. UX/UI Designers were assigned one goal – to create an app that users enjoy.


At the technical design stage, the team selected the most effective technologies for implementing the functionality and developed a prototype of the application, which was tested inside the company. It made it possible to recognize behavioral scenarios and test the ease and accessibility of use.


At the next stage, Computools’s team formed a list of the main architectural tools and technological stack for the application – the prevalence of the product, security, and post-support of the finished solution was taken into account.


After the final approval of the technology stack, a team was formed where each member had his areas of responsibility: Business Analyst, Architect, UX/UI designers, Team Leader, Project Manager, and the Head of the Quality Assurance Department.


Scrum methodology was chosen for the development of Proper Eating, as it allows for rapid changes in product functionality, responding to the latest trends, research, and user needs.