A change of your diet during the war is normal!

At first, we experienced shock, severe stress (eustress), and panic. Each of us reacted to the situation in our own way: someone did not eat anything or ate homemade rusks and cookies. This is a temporary reaction and very quickly people adapted to such an eating pattern.

It is important to understand that eating disorder leads to inflammation and acute situations: gastritis, weight gain, etc. Which further reduces the feeling of well-being and positive mood.

But! It isn’t true that you can be healthy, slim, and beautiful ONLY with greens, buckwheat, fish, and cod liver in the diet! I have always been learning to understand products, and to master the basic rules that will help me adapt to any conditions.

Rule 1.

Optimize the meal schedule 3 times a day (if possible). I’m not talking about making a poached egg or pasta with cuttlefish ink. Do not starve or eat continuously for 3 hours while reading the news. Yes, it also happens. You can make different sandwiches and eat them three times a day. This is a complete meal.

Rule 2.

Choose the simplest available products and read the ingredients. Choose a bread without malt, sugar, molasses, oil, or crispbread. If you have time to cook eggs, cereals, or pasta – do it. Eat hard sliced ​​cheese, and canned food in its own juice (without flavor enhancers and hydrogenated oils). Moscow raw-smoked sausage is also good. Carrots can be used as fiber. All these products will provide satiety and value for the body.

Rule 3.

There should be a measure for everything. Eating sweets 3 times a day for a long time can cause rashes (inflammation), loss of skin elasticity and hair loss (low protein), and weight gain (with excess calories). But if you eat something sweet for lunch or take a piece for dessert before breakfast, nothing bad will happen! On the other hand, starvation or overeating can cause serious problems!

Establishing nutrition is a long, smooth process that should not be associated with stress. Meals need to be balanced, and the cooking process – simple and quick. For this purpose, use the free app Proper Eating for iOS and Android to help you quickly form healthy habits.