Historically, athletes and athletically active people used sandwiches, bananas, dried fruits, etc. to maintain their energy during exercises. But, as they say, progress does not stand still, and today sports nutrition products will help to replenish energy reserves in a comfortable, fast, and effective way.

This could be the end of the article because the whole point of sports nutrition is to support the body during sports. Nevertheless, we often meet those who lack awareness of why the body needs additional fuel and why normal nutrition is not enough.

Also, some people think they can skip breakfast during weight loss, thus only worsening the energy situation and again causing hypoglycemia. You can hear from many amateurs: “I want to lose weight, so I will drink only water.” And after an hour of training “on the water” they completely lose strength. This can be compared to a car that has run out of fuel and is unable to drive any further. The legs hurt, the whole body hurts. And what does such an amateur do after training? He eats much more than he would normally eat with a normal pre-workout meal or a proper sports snack.

The body needs 24-72 hours to recover and absorb the necessary trace elements from food. After a hypoglycemia episode, all your body asks for sugar, and after training, instead of eating the right healthy food – pasta, meat, etc. – people indulge in snickers, sweets, coffee with sugar, and everything that boosts their energy instantly. And instead of weight loss, it increases. At the same time, even the next day, the muscles do not have time to recover.

Among professional athletes, grew the need for specialized nutrition, which would help muscles to last during competitions, train more intensively and recover faster. Many sports teams have developed their own sports nutrition. The first products appeared more than 20 years ago, but of course, they were of a much lower level than we have today. 

However, the main concept remained – systematic recharging of the body, because, without timely replenishment of useful elements, you lose your effectiveness and chances for a successful finish.