Scientists say that muscle elasticity declines after the 30th life year. There is an opinion that stretching is necessary for us to make the muscles more flexible. In fact, this type of exercise trains joints and tendons, which means coordination. It is important to stretch in order to improve the amplitude of movements and decrease pain and effort. Stiff muscles are more prone to injury than relaxed ones. That is why instructors insist on warming up the muscles with stretching elements before and after strength training.


The female abdominal area and the inner surface of the thighs are most prone to cellulite. It is enough to stretch every day for cross twine to tone these muscles. No magic: due to stretching, the skin’s elasticity and blood circulation in the small pelvis and abdominal cavity improves, and also, the functioning of the intestines is normalized – the key to good skin and the health of the body as a whole. Acceleration of metabolic processes leads to the burning of fat deposits, while legs and abs get more defined. Stretching for weight loss also makes you more mobile and energetic.


For girls, stretching is a mandatory part of the training program, because posture and gait depend on it. Stretching strengthens and relaxes muscles at the same time, relieving tightness. A person with a flexible and plastic body is free in movements and self-confident.


Stress is reduced due to the improvement of blood flow, release of tension from muscles, general relaxation and pleasure from movements. Performing static stretching to calm lounge music or the sounds of nature is an excellent way to relax after a working day, especially since muscle flexibility is maximum in the evening.


It is scientifically proven that moderate physical activity stimulates sexual activity. In addition to increasing blood circulation in the pelvic organs, stretching endures muscles, relieves stiffness, and increases self-esteem in bed. In addition, sexual desire is directly related to the state of stress, which is relieved by stretching meditation (see the point above). Not to mention that a toned body is a non-verbal sign of health to a partner.

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